Silver Creek Pottery and Forge

August 2014 Newsletter
Answering questions about our Path Lights and Iron Finishes

Path Lights- easier then it sounds.

Our lights are made to be connected to 12 volt landscape wire. You will need a transformer box to plug into a standard exterior outlet and landscape wire to run from that to your light(s). The box and wire are available at home improvement stores, on-line, or your landscape contractor.

The lights each have a snap-on connector that attachs anywhere along the wire. We now include an LED bulb which is long lasting and draws very little watts so you can use a small transformer. If you already have a 12 volt system set up, our lights can snap onto that.

We feel the 12 volt system provides superior dependability and quality of light compared to the solar that's available and with the LED bulbs are very efficient.

Leaf Path Light $145. Available at our studio.

Path light with cut-outs. $115. Available at our studio.



Forged iron path lights are garden art by day and provide lighting at night.

$135 each. Available at our studio.

Yes. The path lights can stay outside in winter.

Iron Finishes

Most of our in-door iron pieces receive a synthetic wax finish which will enhance the forged textures. Some pieces also are highlighted with brushed brass.

Pieces that need more moisture protection, such as towel bars and sink bases, get black powder coat. 


We're often asked how Mark gets the rich brown surface to his rusted pieces.  First he sandblasts off all forging scale and then force rusts them with a salt/hydrogen peroxide/vinegar mix. Finally he applies several coats of Penetrol- a paint additive available at paint suppliers.  If desired after several years you may refresh rusted garden pieces by brushing on more Penetrol.

Outdoor pieces that are black have been sandblasted and have a powder coat finish applied that is rust and UV resistant.


We hope to see you here!

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