fountains and landscape lighting...

fountain urn

path light with leaf shade

two piece fountain bowl

blue bowl with drilled rock

tall landscape light with leaf
shade and iron leaves

path lights

About Our Landscape Lights...

Our garden lights are made to be used with a low voltage system. If you already have low voltage lights, you may simply connect them onto your existing line with the included connector.

If starting from scratch, you will need to purchase a transformer to change your household electric to low voltage (12 volt). You will also need landscape wire to run from the transformer to the light(s). These items are available at home supply stores such as Home Depot and Menard's. In their landscape lighting area, there will be a choice of solar or low voltage items. The low voltage wire is what you want.

Choose a transformer large enough to handle the amount of watts you decide to use. For example, 10 lights, each with a 10 watt bulb, would need a 100 watt transformer.

The transformer is plugged into a GFI outlet and generally includes a timer for your lights. The landscape wire that runs from the transformer to your lights can be buried under your mulch or sod.